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99-Season 3 Launch

Episode Summary

Welcome to the Connect FCS podcast, where each episode is geared towards recruiting, supporting, and retaining past, present, and future professional family and consumer sciences educators. So, welcome back to the Connect FCS Ed season three podcast and I am so rejuvenated to be back with you all.

Episode Notes

Episode Notes

• Why are we hiring more and more business and marketing educators to fill these roles when it's the family and consumer sciences classes that are constantly being targeted tracked and we have these long lists for student enrollment, so we really, subconsciously, we have to start thinking about what is our pipeline, what is it that our communities are needing right now from us so that we can prepare our students move forward once they graduate high school.   (9:14)

• Next week's episode is gonna be episode 100. Can you believe that? My friends, I am just floored and bewildered at the same time going, How in the world have I recorded? And we combined listened to about 100 episodes of the Connect FCS and podcast, and I always have to go back and do just a little gratitude post of saying Thank you so much for growing with me, thank you for allowing me the space to learn with you. Every episode, it is my personal strive to become better than what I was before, and with that, I'm just grateful that you would allow me the space and the time for you to listen in, that is powerful in that his friendship and that is something that I hold on to (10:27)

• Starting October 5th, Wednesday, my birthday, we are going to have EverFI of Hanna Kim and she is gonna be talking to us about what EverFI has got going on for this coming school year, they have a lot of great valuable resources. So don't miss episode 100, you're not gonna wanna miss it. And on October 8th, keep that date in mind, October 8 at 9 AM Pacific Standard Time, we are gonna be doing a free giveaway on FCStips Facebook group. (21:02 )


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