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EP 103 Dr. Katy Blatnick-Gagne, V.P. FCS Division at ACTE

Episode Summary

Dr. Blatnick-Gagne is a native of Colorado where she spent over 14 years in family and consumer sciences education (teaching, advising and at the state level). She received her Doctorate in Educational Technology Leadership from New Jersey City University, then worked at Texas Tech as a faculty member for FCSE and as the Director of The Curriculum Center for FCS. Katy eventually made it to Iowa where she began work as an Education Consultant in the Bureau of Career and Technical Education at the Department of Education in Iowa where she oversaw Family and Consumer Sciences, and Career and Academic Planning. She currently works as the CTE Curriculum Facilitator for Waukee Community School District in Waukee, IA, quite possibly her dream job! Dr. Blatnick-Gagne has a passion for CTE, professional development for educators, and enhancing classrooms with relevant and futuristic educational technolog

Episode Notes

• My mom was a Family and Consumer Scientist or Home Economist, as she still likes to refer to it for 27 years in Southwest Colorado, and out of three children, I was the only one that followed my parents in the footsteps of becoming an educator (4:29)

• Leadership has always been something I've been intrigued in. I love professional development, things going out, and just being able to better myself, and learn. I think that's really important as a Family and Consumer Scientist. Also, the content that we teach in classes is not stagnant, has to change as society changes, as our world changes, and I really embrace that. (6:37) 

•  The Vision Awards, it's actually pretty simple. If they have someone that they know that they're in, you're thinking, Gosh, I really know someone who has some outstanding contributions or they've really just gone above and beyond, they've always been a member of FBS, they remember of the national organization, they have the opportunity to actually nominate individuals through a Google Form.  (12:07 )

•  Scholarships are one of those that we were looking for individuals to apply for all the time, so if you know of a student who is interested in going into Family and Consumer Sciences education or is currently in any program, be sure to have them reach out, connect them to our undergraduate scholarships that have those run through at facts and they have a form in the awards portal to fill out, and those scholarships along with our graduate degree school ships will also be awarded during the national act conference, during our awards division (15:02)

•Email:                                                                                                                                                                                                                               •ACTE FCS Division Website:
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