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Ep 102 Baker 'Kristin Hoffman' Bettie

Episode Summary

On today's episode, I am thrilled to partner with and introduce to you, an amazing educator, entrepreneur, baking instructor, and now cookbook author. Kristin "Baker Bettie" Hoffman. Kristin is a trained chef, baking instructor, cookbook author, and the owner of Bettie’s Chicago- a 1950s-themed baking school and event space in downtown Chicago! Since 2011, she has created educational content about baking on the website, YouTube channel, and on social media! She has also hosted many baking workshops and retreats in and around the Chicago area on topics such as beginner bread baking, sourdough bread, pies and pastries, baking science, and much more!

Episode Notes

• I am a trained chef. I did go to culinary school, and I've worked at restaurants and worked as a private chef, but for the last 11 years, I've been creating content on my Baker Bettie website as an educational baking content creator. I started Baker Bettie as a food blog back in 2011. You know, I had never baked anything until I was out of the house.  I was 19 years old, and I had never made anything, not even from a box mix until I was that old, so that is when I really started getting interested in baking. (3:25)

• I think I really started connecting with the FACS (FCS) community at the start of the pandemic. I have an online baking school as well, called The Baker Bettie baking school, where I have a bunch of virtual classes, and one of my courses is a free baking fundamentals class and it became a resource that a lot of people were using during that transition time. (6:37)

•I make bread literally multiple times a week, and it still feels like a magical process to me, but I love that you did that with them because I think understanding exactly what's happening and why we are doing things is such an important part of the building, making confidence because I don't know, I've just never been somebody that likes to be told what to do and then just accept it, like, Okay, we're just gonna do it. I wanna know why, why are we doing it this way? What is the purpose? And I think that really just helps you understand it better and feel more confident and be able to explore more in the kitchen  (12:17 )

• I have always had a very Math and Science brain, that's always been the topics that were really interesting to me, and so the way he explained baking as a science really drew me in, I got very interested in that, and then I really started with cookies, I wanted what I thought was the perfect chocolate chip cookie in my head, and I could not find a recipe that created what I wanted it to be. And so I decided to start figuring out how I could make it the way I wanted it to be  (15:02)

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