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Ep 100 Hanna Kim of EverFI

Episode Summary

Welcome to Season 3, Episode 100! Today's podcast episode, we are being supported and sponsored by EverFI. EverFI is committed to helping organizations build the missing learning layer and infrastructure to deliver impact as a service in their communities, empowering individuals with the tools and skills to drive ecosystems of change and inspire life, and success. I want to give you a special sneak peek into this episode on Saturday, October 8th, 2022, 9:00 AM Pacific Standard Time, 12 PM Eastern Standard Time. Hanna and I are gonna be doing a free swag giveaway on the FCS tips Facebook group page.

Episode Notes

• After graduating from EWU with her M. ED, Hanna Kim spent 5 years teaching 3rd, 5th, and 7th-grade math/science, I have developed a passion for finding ways to bridge the gaps in education that students face today. As the local EVERFI support in Washington, I'm excited to work with educators across the state to bring critical life skills to their classrooms with industry-leading resources with no cost attached. (3:47)

•  EverFI is an EdTech company based out of DC. We're all about social impacts of thinking about in terms of how to bridge the learning gap in the schools, lots of Encore contact math, English, science that's been taught forever, over thinking more about life skills, so like financial literacy, making sure that's when students graduate high school that they're prepared and set up for success in their adult life, and then we also cover things like career exploration so that students aren't aware of what path they wanna take, how do they get there, being able to kind of plan that real life after high school along with communication skills, social-emotional learning, things like that, our mission and our goal is to provide these resources that are ready, made complete and ready to go in the classrooms at no cost, so we partner with lots of various sponsors and companies that work with us to be able to provide these at no cost for the teachers. (5:00)

•  Over the past summer, we had two new courses that launched that were called build credit fundamentals, talking about how to build credit, what is credit? When would you use credit, what kind of behaviors kind of help you bump up the credit versus ones that ding your credit, and then we had one that was called to save up specifically for middle school students, where it talks and goes into the topic of savings, how to create a budget to make sure that you're not spending over your budget or how to balance the spending so that you're able to have some money saved for the month. (9:30 )

•  Future smart, it's a middle school Financial Literacy Program, so our high school and our entire company started with the flagship course every financial literacy, when our founders were like, there's a big gap for financial literacy that students are needing. This is our version, but for middle school students, it is one of our biggest financial literacy programs in partnership with Mass Mutual Foundation, and it actually is a complete picture, we have a whole portal that time has family resources and scholarship resources. It actually has resources for educators as well, that include little videos that teachers do, different tips and tricks along with worksheets, and any students who complete the course, three lessons are more, is eligible to apply for the scholarship that they run. They give out 20 scholarship total throughout the entire school year (13:06)

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