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How to market your FCS CTE classes

Episode Summary

Welcome to the Connect FCS podcast, where each episode is geared towards recruiting, supporting, and retaining past, present, and future professional family and consumer sciences educators. Welcome, February- CTE Month!

Episode Notes

•    (00:31) Did you know that February is known for CTE month? CTE, meaning career and technical education, so that every single February, the CTE community celebrates CTE month to raise awareness of the role that CTE has in reading learners for college and career success. 

•  (1:50) Tip number one (1) is probably the easiest and by far the most accessible thing that you can do, how many of you are covering classes on your prep when you are on your sub-rotation, which I know you are because I am. Promote your classes while subbing! Talk about the fun things you do in each of your classes, TALK IT UP :)

• (2:02 ) Tip number two (2), create a one-pager talking about all the various aspects, family and consumer sciences classes that your school district and school has to offer for their students. Please see my free gift to you! Download Resource 1:  FCS 1 pager

• (3:51 ) Tip number three (3), as you walk out of that classroom that you just subbed for, leave that one pager on the white board and who teaches what... Our students need that visual representation of what teacher teaches what subject. Please see my second free gift to you! Download Resource 2: FCS elective registration promo

I love being on this journey of learning, growing and excelling with you. You play a major role in motivating students and helping them build their self-esteem, especially during their most impressionable years. Thank you for all of the amazing work that you do, go out and promote your classes and have fun with your students as always, my friend. Let's continue leading student success with FCS. We are better together.


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